first time lake hodges

A long time ago since I wrote the last time…

It was a busy time the last few days, my parents visited me and I had other things to do. Of course I was fishing a few times too but unfortunately without any success.

After over 2 months waiting for my California State ID, I decided to try to get my State Fishing License without the ID (in Walmart they told it’s necessary). After 5 minutes in the Fishing-Office San Diego I finally got my License, where’s the problem Walmart? :D

So today I decided to try out Lake Hodges in Escondido. After one hour waiting in the DMV to ask where my ID is (I will get it in a few days, finally) I drove to the new lake. Cause I arrived in the late afternoon decided to just fish from the border.

I heard from some locals that the fishing at Hodges is actually very hard. Nevertheless I hoped to catch something!

And really, after one hour I got a bite and could land a nice bass. Not big but better than nothin!



Only fish from the day, I will come back!



Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more!