Weekend in LA

Last weekend twi friends and me went to Los Angeles for the weekend.

Saturday noon we arrived on the Fairfax Blvd for some shopping. There are a few shops from some street brands like Pink Dolphin, Supreme, DOPE and my personal favorite Diamond Supply Co.


Next destination was the spot to take pictures from the hollywood sign…


…from where we went to the famous Walk of Fame. There are a lot of people who want your money. Pay attention and don’t believe everything. The people there are harmless but almost everyone want to sell you something.


The next few hours we were looking for the famous boulevard with all the big houses in beverly hills, checked-in the hotel and looked again for beverly hills. Later in the night we tried to go to a night club. But as in San Diego is it almost possible to find a party under 21 and without elegant clothes.

Sunday morning we drove through Malibu and a lil bit on the famous coastal highway.


Malibu Los Angeles, CA 05.2013

Next we visited Santa Monica and its peer…




…and then we finally arrived in Venice Beach!

Beautiful beach with a nice promenade with a lot of crazy souvenir and food shops. There are a lot of street artists, skater, bladder, dancer, sprayer and all other kind of artists. It’s like going back to the old school. The people there are nice and the atmosphere really peaceful. If you are interested in street arts you definitely have to go there!











It was a really nice time with good people and I definitely wanna go back there soon!



finally fish on @ lake miramar

This monday afternoon I went after some earlier tries in january for the first time fishing.

This time with the float tube so I could finally fish all the nice shore.

Already after a few minutes I caught a first baby bass. Some casts later the next fish was on!

I just had time to fish one of the arms and got totally 5 bass plus lost a bigger one.

No big fish again but a still a fun afternoon!



EF SD: the campus

I was asked to write more about my experiences with EF San Diego during my stay here.

So from now on I will try to write more about my life here on campus and everything else about EF and me.

Let’s start with something about the campus.

The campus here, where I actually live on, is included in the one from the Alliant International University in a Neighborhood called Scripps Ranch, CA.

Which means that we share the campus with some students from the University. Most of their students are already older and not the average age of the EF students. But it’s no problem because we are kind of separated from each other. They live in the buildings on the upper side of the campus area. EF students are located in the lower area. Sometimes later in the night some of them complain about the EF students because they want to sleep and we are still doing party. So the campus-security shut down our parties. But otherwise there is no problem to live with each other.

The life on campus is friendly and you will meet a lot of nice people and make easily a lot of new friends. You can have a lot of fun here but you have to be careful all the time. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the campus (even you are over 21 and reached the legal drinking age here in the US). So pay attention that you hide your stuff any time, sometimes the staff might check your room even if you are not i the room. If the security or staff find something illegal in your room you will get a punishment from a fine up to get kicked out from campus.

All night long there is security patrolling on the campus and looking for parties to shut down. The only way to have a party in your room is to not produce to much noise so the security don’t pay attention on your room. If it’s too loud the security will come sooner or later to your room.

The only way to do a party with loud music during the night is in the students lounge, a room with a lot of space, TV, pool, ping-pong table for all students. But after 12pm (sometimes 1am) the security will also here shut the party down. Alcohol is not allowed there either so just bring it in a cup. A few weeks ago they installed some cameras too there the watch us all the time.




different views on the campus


balcony of the students lounge

But the life here is not so bad as it might sound now! You can have a lot of fun here, just be careful!


lake barret 5/15/13

Again and again! Yesterday I spent again on Lake Barret float tubing.

The morning was not bad and I caught several fish on Deps Stabcraw and Megabass V-Flat Spinnerbait.

I also could watch bass which chased small fish in the shallow water, nice spectacle!

Unfortunately I forgot my SD-Card on the campus so sorry for just some iPhone Pics.








The afternoon was really slow and I just caught one last fish…


Even the bad afternoon I’m happy again about catching some bass!

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more!

Lake Barret 5/12/13

Last sunday I was already again at Lake Barret. I couldn’t wait so I was already at 5am on the water.


But the first few hours I didn’t catch anything, later in the morning I finally caught the first two fish.



Fishing was slow the whole day and I had to work to catch at least some fish. Some spots I fished for over 20 minutes till the bite came. But its was still fun to catch the bass in the middle of a sunken tree or other cover. Spinnerbaits worked also good between the trees.




This one hit the Keitech Swing Impact Fat 4.8 in some woods.


I also had some crazy catches like Gills on Megabass V-Flat Spinnerbait…


…and a stupid catfish on dropshot-rig, which ate the bait AND the lead!


Towards the end of the day the bass got hungry again!



Always remember catch&release please!


I really enjoyed this day even if the wheater was hot as hell and the fish didn’t bite great for me :)


Thanks for reading!

Viva la Mexico!

Last weekend some friends an me finally went to mexico for the first time.


At the border San Diego/Tijuana

The easiest way to go anywhere around Tijuana is to take a taxi. Directly after the border is a kind of taxi station where u can get taxis to all the destinations in this area. Our group of five people got a taxi to our hotel in Rosarito (maybe 40 minutes from Tijuana) for $50. The cabs here are relatively cheap and bring you almost everywhere. If you’re looking for a shop, restaurant or whatever the taxidrivers know the best options.



View from our hotel

Rosarito is, compared to other cities relatively safe and also during the night it’s no problem to go to a nightclub or something. But it’s better to move just in groups and to prevent sidestreets and lonely places. A good destination for the night is Papas&Beer where we spent both nights.

During the day we walked trough the mainstreet, where you can buy everything necessary, and we went to the beach which is after the buildings at the main street.








Sunday afternoon we went back to Cali. At the border we were waiting maybe 3 hours to cross. There are guys who sell tickets for buses which drive you to Check-in. This way can be faster than on foot but sometimes it takes even longer, like a man told us.

The fastest way to cross is during the night or early in the morning because then are not so much people waiting. If you take your own car it takes even longer to come back. Other friends, who went by car, spent six hours waiting to cross.

However you go, be careful and you will come back safe.

San Diego River test

Because the bad weather today i decided to try out the San Diego River for my first time.

I parked my car behind the Fashion Valley Shopping Mall and just started walking along the river. Where ever possible I went down to the water and fished these nice urban spots.



After a few spots without fish I got a bite somewhere in the middle of the river.


Small Bass but better than nothing and at least my first river bass!

Unfortunately I had already to go back after a few more casts but I will come back as fast as possible.