EF SD: the campus

I was asked to write more about my experiences with EF San Diego during my stay here.

So from now on I will try to write more about my life here on campus and everything else about EF and me.

Let’s start with something about the campus.

The campus here, where I actually live on, is included in the one from the Alliant International University in a Neighborhood called Scripps Ranch, CA.

Which means that we share the campus with some students from the University. Most of their students are already older and not the average age of the EF students. But it’s no problem because we are kind of separated from each other. They live in the buildings on the upper side of the campus area. EF students are located in the lower area. Sometimes later in the night some of them complain about the EF students because they want to sleep and we are still doing party. So the campus-security shut down our parties. But otherwise there is no problem to live with each other.

The life on campus is friendly and you will meet a lot of nice people and make easily a lot of new friends. You can have a lot of fun here but you have to be careful all the time. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the campus (even you are over 21 and reached the legal drinking age here in the US). So pay attention that you hide your stuff any time, sometimes the staff might check your room even if you are not i the room. If the security or staff find something illegal in your room you will get a punishment from a fine up to get kicked out from campus.

All night long there is security patrolling on the campus and looking for parties to shut down. The only way to have a party in your room is to not produce to much noise so the security don’t pay attention on your room. If it’s too loud the security will come sooner or later to your room.

The only way to do a party with loud music during the night is in the students lounge, a room with a lot of space, TV, pool, ping-pong table for all students. But after 12pm (sometimes 1am) the security will also here shut the party down. Alcohol is not allowed there either so just bring it in a cup. A few weeks ago they installed some cameras too there the watch us all the time.




different views on the campus


balcony of the students lounge

But the life here is not so bad as it might sound now! You can have a lot of fun here, just be careful!