somewhere in cali

last week I had the great opportunity to fish a nice lake somewhere in cali of which I can’t say the name.

but i still can show you some pictures.

the day started slow for me with just too missed topwater bites early in the morning. a little later I caught a 3.2lb on jig. a few more followed later, also on jig. after maybe three hours fishing i got a hard bite and fight on dropshot. I hoped a long time for a good bass till a big ugly catfish appeared at the end of my line. my friend thought it was about 8-9lb. unfortunately the fish broke the line before i could take a picture. after this I fished swimbaits for a long time without any success. So later in the afternoon I changed on a texas-rig and caught a couple more. my total of the day was 12 bass, which is a good result for myself even if all my friends caught more.

GOPR0519 copy

GOPR0524 copy

GOPR0538 copy

GOPR0542 copy

GOPR0559 copy

GOPR0574 copy

GOPR0581 copy

thanks for reading! stay tuned for more BASS!