I was invited to fish lake skinner today. after one hour drive my friend and I finally arrived and shortly afterwards we were already on the water…

In the early morning we both managed to catch some bass but nothing worth a picture. Noon and afternoon were really hard to me while my buddy caught some more..


After fishing dropshot, wacky, spinnerbait, deep crank and big baits I decided to fish a buzz bait in the early evening. my friend was just laughing and meant I wouldn’t get anything on my Megabass V-Flat Buzz. I fished my buzzer anyway. After one hour I really got a bite and after a short fight I landed my biggest fish of the day. nothing special but at least a better fish AND on buzzbait :)


later i saw some fishes chasing fry (small fishes) on the surface. First cast with a Spinnerbait brought a hard bite and on the second cast I landed my first stripper ever! even if it’s still a baby stripped bass it made my fishing day (together with the buzz bass, of course)!


a few fishless casts later we had to go back home. but it was definitely not my last time there!


thanks to my friend for this day!

and of course thanks for reading everybody!


lake miramar fishing video

did i first, short video of me fishing on lake miramar.

Actually I’m collecting more clips to create a longer video soon. so stay tuned!

wiz khalifa concert @ chula vista

some iPhone impressions from the Wiz Khalifa concert I went in Chula Vista yesterday…



ASAP Rocky


Wiz on stage



Taylor Gang

Thanks for reading&peace!

EF SD: campus dorms

You chosed to live on campus during your stay in San Diego? Congratulations! Here I present you some impressions about our campus dorms.

A flat on the campus (EF shares it with Alliant University) consists of one living room, two bedrooms with two beds each and 1 bathroom. So you have to share the flat with three other persons maximum. It might be that there are less persons in your flat or that you even live alone. If you are not good with the people in your flat it is most of the time no problem to change to another room, just as in the office.


my room


our boring living room




toilet & shower


As you can see on the pictures the flats are not luxurious or something like this but in my opinion there is all you need to live. Here are also nice guys called cleaning staff who make the rooms weekly free from all your trash. Be thankful with them, even if they wake you up at 8am. They have to do their job which they do good!

Some dorms may already have a fridge, TV, microwave and other things that make your campus life more comfortable. But all this stuff was bought by other students, EF don’t offer it. So you might have to spend some money if it is important to you to have a fridge for example. But you should get everything you need for cheap. Leaving students often sell their stuff for not much money. is also a good platform for all kinds of used products. And maybe you can split the costs your room- and flatmates.

I hope you have a nice time on campus and always remember that it might not be as comfortable and clean as at home but you come to San Diego to have a good time and not because the dorms!

sweating for lake ramona

A long time ago a friend here told me about Lake Ramona up in the mountains. Last week I got reminded again and so I decided finally to hike up. I was wondering how it looks like up there.

After 45 hard minutes under the sun I finally reached the big wall where I took the first look over the lake.


I fished for over 5 hours along the shore, tried out several techniques and landed 3 smaller bass. The hardest part was the sun which was burning the whole day on me without any moments in the shadow. But I survived also this adventure and I will definitely go back there another day.


the first bass bite on dropshot.




last and biggest bass of the day on a wacky worm.



the next time I will definitely wear safer shoes, that’s for sure!

thanks for reading&peace!

some days…

Last Saturday started bad, I had to bring a friend to the airport. It’s every time again sad if a good person leaves the campus.


San Diego Airport at 8am

Back on campus I had to find out that our wifi is broken. What dured the whole weekend without any information or warning, thanks guys! So I went to the cafeteria, the only place which still had wifi, but it looked like they also had some troubles otherwise i can’t explain me why they opened half an hour too late.


The afternoon I spent at Lake Ramona, about which you can read here:

This day started bad, got worse, continued better and ended peacefully.