vacation camping: lake cuyamaca

Finally, I found a spot with Wi-Fi and am finally able to share the happenings from this week, the second of my two weeks vacation.

From sunday till this thursday I spent my time driving, camping and fishing of course!

I started sunday morning with driving up to Lake Cuyamaca. After finding out that there’s no space for me on the campground I had to look first for another option to stay. I found another campground 10 minutes from the lake where I could stay for the night.

After building up my tent I returned directly to the lake and started fishing. I spent the whole afternoon with just one bite on spinnerbait and also talking to several anglers from which nobody caught something…


Also a change to the other side of the lake in the last our fishing didn’t bring any action. At least the sunset was beautiful and made my day.




the night I spent organizing my stuff for the next day, trying to take a shower (2 minutes watrickling water cost $.25), starring at the beautiful night-sky full of stars and searching or some sleep on the rough ground.

A good first day without any serious problems, just the fish were missing…


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