see you later barret!

Yesterday, saturday, I was probably the last time for this year fishing on barret lake.

I got a tube spot from a guy from (the fishing network for SD) and so I arrived at 4am in front of the gate.

The first half hour I spent throwing topwater baits, without any success. So I changed on T-rig, which was a good decision. The next four casts brought me bites but I missed them all before I hooked the first fish of the day a few casts later. I caught some more on the same bait before I changed the spot.

Because of the missing light I wasn’t able to take good pictures with my GoPro. The fish were all around 1lb.

Next spot, same game and already the next fish.


and another one…


the next cast I did in a small hole between some rocks. directly after my bait sank to the ground I got a bite. I felt that is has to be a bigger one and in the next moment it already took some line from the closed break of my daiwa steez. after a critical jump I could land the fish. not a monster but a good sized fish for me and probably my biggest out of barret.



kind of bird view


…and bye bye! always remember to catch&release, please!

After this I caught through the whole day fish from different spots on different lures so it never got boring.










in total I caught 20 fish this day, no really small ones but also no 10lbers. I talked with several guys on the lake and all of them told me it was a slow day.

I hope one day I can return to this beautiful lake and fish there again. Thanks to all people that made it possible for me to fish there. In special my friend Kelly who introduced me to this lake and organized to fish the opening there for me!

Now I hope to catch some more californian bass before my change to hawaii on october 6.

thanks for reading&stay tuned for more! PEACE!