thank you Hawaii!

Since last saturday I am back in San Diego for my last three weeks of this stay in he USA. I moved back earlier than planned but to me Honolulu was too boring and too touristic. The beautiful, natural places are far away and without car hard to reach. I am really happy to be back in California, when I arrived at the airport in San Diego I had kind of a homecoming feeling. Now I hope to catch some big bass before I have to return to switzerland.

Before I would like to share a beautiful experience I had during my last day in Hawaii.

I booked again a trip to North Shore with my school on friday. First we stopped at a Shrimp Corner to have lunch, continued to a nice beach for swimming and relaxing and ended up at Turtle Beach. The last time I was there I was kinda disappointed due the lack of turtles. But this friday our group was luckier and there was one of theses beautiful animals chilling at the beach. I was really happy to see this, the perfect end of my three weeks in Hawaii.



Thank you Hawaii, Hello California!

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more hawaiian fishes

caught some more small saltwater fishes in a hawaiian canal…




back in cali I hope to catch some nice BASS in the coming few days!

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the beauty of O’ahu

After my first few days here in Honolulu I was disappointed, the city is full of tourists and like other big cities. Not really the peaceful natural place I excepted. Today I went with EF Honolulu, my school, to the north shore. I was impressed by the beauty of the nature there and for the first time happy about my change! We visited several beaches and view points, just amazing! Here some impressions of todays trip…









Unfortunately I can’t rent a car here on Hawaii because of the age limit of 21 years. So it isn’t that easy for me to get back at these places. I also discovered several good fishing spots so I really need to go back there. I will try my best!

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landed in Hawaii

Yesterday noon I arrived in Hawaii where I will spend my last 6 weeks of my language-learning trip before flying back to San Diego and from there to Switzerland.

I live in the Student Resident in Honolulu and go to EF Honolulu which is right over the street from my room.

I’m sure I will have a good and relaxing time and hope to get on the water to catch some Peacock and other Bass!

Today I took a walk along Waikiki Beach to discover my new environment. Here some impressions…


view from my balcony



already found some fish in the sea




Tomorrow is my first day of school here. Wish me luck :D

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