first perch of 2014!

Two days ago I was hanging around with some friends when I spot some perch chillin’ under a boat.

It was unusual to me to see bigger perch like this so early in the year. Especially in that river where I went back the next day. After a few casts I spot a group of perch, all good sized. Immediately I was excited and threw my jig in the direction they seemed to swim. It took a few casts till I got bite, I couldn’t believe that my tactic worked. I landed one of my biggest perches ever, not record-breaking but a nice sized fish to me!


After some time went by I felt another bite but the line loosed right away. Pikes also like my Keitech Swing Impact but my 6lb leader doesn’t like it’s teeth… Enjoying the bloom of nature around me I moved upward the river. A beaver seemed to follow me and from time to time it scared me with its loud diving noises, preparing for the next dive. A hard bite brought me back to reality and another healthy pike around 60cm wanted my swimbait to stay for dinner. This time the hook sat just on a thin part outside its lip and before I could take a good picture the fish shook it off and swam back into the green water.

What a nice evening session after a working day. I hope our waters awake soon and these weren’t the last catches for the next weeks.

The two weeks coming I gonna be in California, by the way! Hope to rip some bass lips! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!