Spanish island bass

My last catch of a largemouth bass was long ago, too long so I decided to join some fishing friends on their fishing trip to one of the Canary Islands.
The group consisted of six motivated fishermen, all with the main target of catching big bass. Some of them had been on this island before so we had all informations needed to start.
There are several possible bass reservoirs in the mountains of the island. The waterlevel can change dramatically during the year so the conditions of the lakes change. The tricky part is to find out which reservoirs actually have hungry bass inside. Based on the knowledge of my friends last trips here we started our bass chase a few hours after our arrival on the island.






Not every destination turned out as planned. Some reservoirs seemed overfished or, even worse, were dried out…


To get to these reservoirs we usually had to hike and climb some distance because they were surrounded of nature and away from streets or highways. With all the tackle, inflatable boats and other stuff it was hard work just to get to the water.




Every water meant a new challenge finding and catching fish. I changed my tactic constantly and tried several types of lures till I found something that worked or we decided to leave the spot.
On the first day I caught a nice bass on a Gan Craft Spinnerbait…


The following day I managed to hook on the Deps Bullshooter Jr. May more swimbait fish follow soon!


I caught fish on every single day but mostly smaller ones, not worth mentioning or taking a picture.


One of the bigger fish for this particular lake with a large but young population of smaller bass.


short but beautiful!

Saturday morning was my time with two good sized bass in less than half an hour.
Some of our group decided to stay in bed and come after later. While they were enjoying the hotel bed I tricked these two beauties.





iRod and Steez did a great job!

It was an awesome week with cool, crazy people and I’m happy that I could be part of it!
The island has some nice places, good food and beautiful nature in my opinion…







some more lake impressions…





Again, I’m thankful for being a part of this crazy group and hope we will again be somewhere on the bass hunt again together!
It felt great to be back to bassfishing, I really missed it and hope the next session to be as soon as possible. But first I will travel back to the brazilian amazon in a few weeks for another week of peacock bass action! so stay ready for more!

Please check out my facebook and instagram account for updates and for more, high quality pictures visit my flickr stream.

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Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed it! – PEACE


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