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I started this blog back in 2013 to document my 11 month stay in a language school in San Diego, CA.
During this “best time of my life” I always took myself some time for my passion, bassfishing.
I didn’t blow up as I wished I would but I learned a lot and improved my skills and knowledge.
Back in Switzerland it took me some time to accept that my time in California, the place I feel like I belong to, is temporarily over and I found myself back in my old swiss life…

I realized how important it is to travel, to learn about other cultures, to see places and to meet new people. Also, most countries have better fishing than switzerland so I have another reason to travel as much as I can.

So I continued to write about my fishing and travel adventures as well as I try to capture as much as I can with my cameras.

I hope you enjoy my work!



Original Introduction written in december 2012

This website is my own project while my language-education.

From January to November 2013 I will live in San Diego, California.

I called this site Project Bassthumb cause during this year I will try to learn as much as possible about my passion, Bassfishing! I hope to catch some big ones and of course to become better and better.

In addition I will add some some impressions out my life on campus too.

So stay tuned for a lot of action.

I write here on english cause I need to practice and I hope to reach people around the world with this blog.

I know, my english isn’t good at the moment but I’m sure I can improve it while this year.

Hope you enjoy my project and thanks again for the visit!

January 2013, Bassthumb!

8179302808_d3ea622f32_zmy last Bass, caught in italy november 2012.