a moment in time – new pike PB!

As a fisherman you probably know how a single moment can turn any average day on the water into one to remember for a lifetime.
I fish for moments like this. Usually they don’t happen, despite all the reasons I figure out why I deserve such a moment right now, but that’s what makes them so special when they finally happen, I guess.

As fall is approaching here with big steps, our local predators are said to be feeding to prepare for the cold, dark months that will come soon.
More than happy I accepted the latest invitation of Sam to join him for a day on his boat. Early in the morning we headed to the lake nearby, I really missed such moments since our perch hunts earlier this year.
So we were fishing all day long, mainly looking for bit pikes. Now and then we landed a smaller one but the fish didn’t seem all too motivated. At least the weather was warmer as expected and mostly sunny. so we got that going for us. Unfortunately, comfortable conditions for us don’t always mean satisfying catching rates too.
Anyway, we were far away from giving up throwing around our swimbaits over and over again!

When inviting me, Sam sounded all promising since he caught several well-sized fish a few days prior this trip. This made me hope for my first +1-meter pike ever. Which is probably comparable to catching a 10pound Largemouth or 20pound Peacock Bass.
My current pike-PB was at around 70cm, not much to brag about but lots of potential for improvement.

The sun was already on its way behind the mountains so we decided to fish for another 15 minutes before heading back. As I was watching my swimbait coming up from the depths out of a sudden something shot out of the dark and inhaled my lure! It looked way bigger than the fish we caught before, I set the hook like a madman but the first impression disappointed me a bit when I could reel in the first meters of line quite effortlessly. Disappointment quickly turned into excitement when the fish on the other end realised what happened and started ripping line from the almost completely closed break. “Big Fish!”I started to realize while my possible new PB started another run into the depths. Sam was ready with the net and when I got a first glance at the massive fish under the surface my knees became weak. “That is THE pike!”, never had I seen a bigger on before in real life!
Sam, having already caught many such calibers himself, did an excellent net job. What a relief to see his fish secured in the net! I was and still am deeply impressed by the size and power of that fish, with its massive head, the sharp teeth and muscular body.
Sam questioned the size of the fish while I was pretty sure that monster lengths a meter.

The measure tape made it all clear: 107cm! – My new PB!


What a motivation boost, I want more of that stuff!

Big thanks once again to Sam for another unforgettable day on the water, the netjob and the awesome pictures!
Like Ice Cube said: Today was a good day!


Thanks for your time!
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Perch season 2017 so far…

After several reports from abroad here a few words about the recent adventures on the local lake here in Switzerland. The last few trips convinced me that the fishing here can be fun and very interesting too if you put some work in it!
Since a few years now I’ve wanted to catch a big perch in our local lake. I never put too much effort in it  and so I hadn’t caught a really big one yet.
This season has been quiet different and it all started when my good friend Sam invited me on his boat a few weeks ago…
The following paragraphs describe what went down so far – enjoy!

first attempt
Sunday on the lake with Sam. It’s still cold, definitely not my favourite weather. A few casts into the first spot, Sam’s giving me tips on how the set the hook properly (not as hard as when bassfishing) then out of nowhere I feel a bite and set the hook like I’ve been told. Sam lands my first perch of the season, I haven’t seen one that big  in person yet – that has to be my new PB!? It is – 38cm, I’m stoked! No fish during the rest of the day but I’m smiling anyway!


second trip
Sam: can you take wednesday off? Me: Gotta ask, I already took vacation recently… Later me: let’s go, I don’t need that income anyway, gonna eat yogurt for the rest of the month.^^ I don’t catch a damn fish that day. Sam doesn’t catch much neither what kinda comforts me a bit haha.

third trip
One week later I take another day off. I’m lucky that my actual job allows me so much free days as long as everything is done that needs to be done. Fishing is slow through the day. A few bumpers or was it just a overly motivated rock..? In the evening we pull up on a good looking spot and there is the bite I was waiting for! 40cm – new PB, just 10 days after pushing it to 38.

DSC_0059 copy

fourth trip
Another Wednesday, another day on the water… We both catch some perch now and then but the big ones stay away… We give my new favourite spot another try and promptly we catch and lose some nicer ones. What happens then still amazes me, just one week later I break my PB again with a nice 42er perch! A few casts later, I believe to have hooked some grass but out of a sudden the “plant” starts to fight and Sam nets another beautiful perch of 42cm for me. Never thought I would catch two such big perch within half an hour. These trips are getting better and better!


DSC_022 copy

DSC_027 copy

fifth trip
Once again I convince my boss to let me do my Wednesday workload on Saturday. So Sam and I give it another. We improve on the numbers but don’t get another +40 perch this time. Still a nice day on the water!

DSC_56 copy

sixth trip
Already one day later I had to get at the lake for a quick after work session. The latest trips definitely motivated me and I just ignore the heavy winds blowing straight into my face. I cast to this one particular spot again and again, I just feel like there are some fish around and Bam! – theory approved! With 25cm it’s already a nice perch but not the size I was hoping for. I give it another shot and there’s another one, this time it feels way heavier – big fish! After almost loosing it to the only freakin stick along this long strech, my buddy who joined me can finally net the fish. I’m not sure how I deserve this but once again I broke my PB – 43cm! Can’t really believe it, what an evening!

DSC_0109 copy

seventh trip
Sunday, the sun is shining and the lake is full of bathtub-captains and weekend-anglers. In the afternoon dark clouds scare them off the lake and once again we put Sam’s boat into good use. Both land a few good ones without getting over 35cm. right before the thunderstorm we head back home.

DSC_0114 copy

eighth trip
It’s already Wednesday again, another day fishing. At this point I really got into the local perch fishery. I’m looking forward to each upcoming trip with such euphoria which before I only knew from bass or peacock bass fishing days.
It seems like we chose the perfect day. Already in the morning we both get several well sized perch. the highlight is definitely the double hook-up with a 39er for Sam and a 42er for me.
The afternoon continues awesome with more nice fish and sunny weather. Shortly before heading back I even catch the second 40up of the day – my first 41er.
Easily my best perch day ever and even Sam counts it to his Top5 which definitely means something!

DSC_0121 copy

DSC_0147 copyDSC_0156 DSC_0235 copy

ninth trip
After yesterday I just had to do another shore-after-work-session with buddy Daniel. First cast – fish on! …but it shakes off the lure after a bad netting attempt. Two casts later – fish on, again and this time it lands in the net. 42cm – what’s going on?!


tenth trip
Shore session on my own. First cast – Bam! there’s the next one but while I dip my net into the water the 40up perch frees itself – what a bummer…

eleventh trip
After loosing that pretty fish the day before I just have to give it another shot. this time with Jan who catches a nice 35up perch while I miss several good bites.

twelfth trip
Monday but some sort of holiday, so Sam and I put his boat another time on the lake. the thunderstorm from the days before seem to scared the fish and just catch some small ones now and then. We plan to leave around 5pm, drive to one of our spots for the third time this day and finally we find them. Out of a sudden I hook one and instantly feel that it’s a good fish. A few meters from the boat we observe how the giant fish shakes its head and out is the hook… DAMN! There goes my new PB which Sam estimated to be at least 45cm. The 38er I catch shortly afterwards is just a small consolation. We end up leaving around 8pm, three hours “late”.

DSC_0257 copy

Two days later I flew to Spain so that was my perch season so far. I’m looking forward to everything that will follow these trips and hope to catch some more nice sized, local fish soon!

Big thanks to Sam for these interesting times, I definitely learned a lot while having a great time. So looking forward to the next adventure!

Thanks for your time!
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faith in swiss fishing restored… kind of

Since my latest Peacock-trip back in February, I haven’t been fishing much. Not being a fan of the cold swiss weather I had to motivate myself to each attempt again and again. When I got a little less cold, I don’t see 15 Celsius as really warm, I tried to fish whenever I had some extra time. Usually I ended with those fishless sessions with even less motivation.

Recently a few guys from tackle-junkies.ch, a fishing forum in involved in, organized a meeting at their local lake. Interested in trying something new, exchanging the latest tackle talk and discovering a, to me practically unknown, part of Switzerland I decided to join them.

So in order to be on the water early, the journey started at around 3.30am in the morning, way too early for a Saturday wasn’t it for the sake of catching some fish. This hope kept me awake during the two hour drive to new water. At the lake I met up with a local, Steven, who was so nice to show me around on the lake. We set up our belly boats and started paddling along the shoreline. First I tried to catch a big perch in the depth but as this didn’t seem to work, at least for me, I changed my strategy and threw a small Topwater against the reeds hoping to catch a nice chub. Surprisingly the first bite came within minutes, the second followed quickly and brought me a challenging fight with this pretty pike. Not really what I was fishing for but after the last months this catch made my morning.

IMG_1123 Shortly afterwards a rainstorm came upon us and of course, prepared as I am, I left my rainjacket in the car. So I ended up taking an unplaned shower early in the morning. Nonetheless, the bite held on and I caught five more, smaller pikes and then finally the targeted fish, a chub! IMG_1128

After meeting up with the other anglers for lunch, the clouds disappeared and finally I saw the sun again after way too many rainy days. The nice weather seemed to to slow down the afternoon bite and I couldn’t catch any more fish.


Anyway, it felt felt really good to be back on the water and do some serious fishing rather than standing unmotivated at the shore and throw some lures around just that I could say I tried. this day definitely gave me back motivation to go fishing more often instead of just hoping/waiting for the next big trip to the tropics.

The last weeks it rained almost constantly and I was busy preparing myself for the upcoming exams but in about a these will be over and I will be back on the water, making the best of the options we have around here.

In this sense, thanks for reading and I hope I will soon be able to present some more local fish stories and pictures on here soon!

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first perch of 2014!

Two days ago I was hanging around with some friends when I spot some perch chillin’ under a boat.

It was unusual to me to see bigger perch like this so early in the year. Especially in that river where I went back the next day. After a few casts I spot a group of perch, all good sized. Immediately I was excited and threw my jig in the direction they seemed to swim. It took a few casts till I got bite, I couldn’t believe that my tactic worked. I landed one of my biggest perches ever, not record-breaking but a nice sized fish to me!


After some time went by I felt another bite but the line loosed right away. Pikes also like my Keitech Swing Impact but my 6lb leader doesn’t like it’s teeth… Enjoying the bloom of nature around me I moved upward the river. A beaver seemed to follow me and from time to time it scared me with its loud diving noises, preparing for the next dive. A hard bite brought me back to reality and another healthy pike around 60cm wanted my swimbait to stay for dinner. This time the hook sat just on a thin part outside its lip and before I could take a good picture the fish shook it off and swam back into the green water.

What a nice evening session after a working day. I hope our waters awake soon and these weren’t the last catches for the next weeks.

The two weeks coming I gonna be in California, by the way! Hope to rip some bass lips! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!



first fish since return

My life changed a lot since I don’t live in San Diego anymore. I got back to a kinda boring daily routine I was used to before. Work, eat, sleep… Actually it’s not much left of the beautiful life I used to live in California except the memories that I remember daily. I try to go fishing as much as possible. In the beginning I stood at the water hoping for a big pike in the cold darkness, moved over trying to catch a trout but both wasn’t successful yet. Fishing here is way different from California. I really miss these warm days on the water searching for the next action.

Soon, end of may, I will return to san Diego for two weeks vacation. I’m so looking forward to see some friends, traveling around and hopefully find some time for the fishing I’m so missing. See you soon oh beautiful California!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you about something else. Two days ago, after work, I went out on a local river to for a fishing session. I moved along the water with a light spinning setup looking for some hungry chubs. After an hour or so I finally located a few fish, immediately got bite but lost all three fish which I hooked in a few casts. From one moment to another the fish disappeared and I made a last cast. Right next to a parked boat something hammered my bait and went over to a powerful fight. I was hoping for the mother of all chubs when just a moment later a nice pike appeared in the clear water. Due to the fine 6lb leader I was fishing I excepted to lose the pike with his sharp teeth. After a few short runs my leader was still in one piece and the fish in my hand.


Caught on a Keitech Little Spider 2” on a Tict inbite & Daiwa Fuego 1500

Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!


back in the cold.

As you might have read am I back in Switzerland since Tuesday.

Wednesday I was already fishing with three friends from here. I tried for perch and pike without any success.


the weather was and still is cold and wet as fck… totally different from cali :(

I will try again and hopefully get some fish next time.