jungle tackle – use a net, safe a Peacock!

Landing a fish with a net is usually the safest way to do so and for the fish as well.
At least if the person on the net knows what he/she is doing…

With the following lines I’d like to explain why I think every Peacock Bass fishing camp should have nets on their boats ( and it’s probably the same for other fishing camps as well…).

Since I became a dedicated Peacock Bass fisherman I’ve been browsing the web almost daily for the latest photos from the jungle. What caught my eyes way too often is how badly these fish are presented. 20-pounders hanging at a LipGrip and if they are supported at the tail a big percentage is literally bent up to 90 degrees. Sometimes I almost feel how uncomfortable the fish in this position…
Plus I can’t imagine that it is healthy for the fish to hang with its full weight at its jaw. I heard stories from guides I met who told me that they even heard jaws breaking while trying to get a hold on the fish…

Of course, if one really wants protect the fish he/she shouldn’t fish at all. Maybe a snorkelling tour would do it. But then again I don’t think snorkeling in the amazon would be such afun idea plus I like fishing, watching a big Peacock Bass hit the topwater plug is an amazing experience in my eyes.
So if I do stress the fish at least I want to handle my catches with respect, like I have big respect for the rest of the nature too.
So why not treat fish with respect too since without them our passion wouldn’t be quite the same…

I observed it myself, when a big Peacock Bass is next to the boat and ready to land there are usually two possible scenarios:

  1. the landing is done wrong and the fish shakes the lure off…
  2. the fish gets fixed on its jaw with a lipgrip and shakes his locked head what doesn’t seem that healthy to me…

For this reason, before my departure to Colombia this january, I sent two nets to the camp since luggage is usually very limited on such trips. It wasn’t that cheap but I think it was worth it. After I introduced our guide on how to use this landing method it worked quite good.
Bigger fish were dragged over the net, could outpower themselves still in the water and while the fish was recovering there was time to prepare the camera. When everything was ready the lucky one took the fish out the net, a few pictures were taken, which shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds, before the fish got safely released. All that without dislocation the fish’s jaw or break anything else.

Plus the weighting of the fish can be done safely too. Remove the stick, close the net and hang it on the scale. Now you just subtract the weight of the net and you got the exact weight without hanging the fish on just one part. This might not work with all nets so later in this post I will present the net we used.

DSC_0603– how to properly weight a big Peacock Bass – fish in the wet net, digital scale on the net –

So you caught a real beast or even your new personal best and want to get some quality shots of it at the next beach? –  Transport your trophy (it’s still an animal, living creature) safely in the water with a net! I’ve seen too many videos where big Peacock Bass were caught, a few pictures were taken on the boat then they drive to the closest beach to get some more photos all while the fish was hanging on a lipgrip in the air for several minutes and sometimes it even falls into the boat… I can’t understand how one can treat a fish like this and I’m not sure how many or how less survive this harsh treatment. Anglers seem to have lost all respect for the nature just to get some ugly pictures in their speedos. If you really need such beach pictures please use a net! Like this the fish can be transported in the water without risking to hit its head in the boat plus it can breath too.

The nets I use are the “SavageGear Pro folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net XL“. In my opinion an excellent choice for big freshwater fish. I see various advantages:

  • large and deep: with 70x85cm plus the deepness it offers enough space for the fish.



188– 12-13lb fish in the net –
(Photocreds: Housi)

  • rubber net: hooks can be removed easily and it least harms a fish’s skin.


  • foldable: it can easily be stored in the boat and is quickly unfolded when a fish is on the line. The stick can be removed for a safe weighting of the catch.

DSC_0028– easily stored and quickly ready –

  • quality: the net is well made and should endure several seasons even under rough conditions.


You might think now “well that all sounds reasonable but what about the transport? Even though its foldable it won’t fit in most regular luggage which is already limited on such fishing trips anyway…”
I totally agree with you, as I mentioned at the beginning I had to send mine a few weeks before by postal service and you don’t want to know about the costs for such shipment from Switzerland to Colombia…

To come to a conclusion, I think its in the responsibility of the camps to equip all their boats with decent landing nets, the SavageGear one is just one of many appropriate options. Why? In the end the fish are a camps capital, without them they can close their business, so the fish should be treated accordingly. Big fish produce the future generations plus most clients do such trips in hope of catching the Big One!
It might cost something at the beginning but isn’t it worth the costs if several more big fish will survive?!
Equip your boats with nets and inform your guides AND the clients how to respectfully treat the fish. With the actual technic, good pictures can be taken quickly and with respectful treatment the fish will swim away with a minimum of harm afterwards.

Of course every fish (like every other creature) should be treated with respect and harmed as less as possible. In this article I mainly refer to Peacock Bass fishing because I’ve been on several such trips myself and wherever I went or saw pictures from the LipGrip seems to be the number one landing tool. I don’t want to talk bad about LipGrip, it’s a helpful tool when used properly. I just think that sometimes it should be used more careful regarding the fish’s health!

In this sense, think for the future and for the fish!

190– tired of taking pictures in the boat? – transport your catch in the net besides the boat until you reach your photospot –
(Photocreds: Housi)

Thanks for your time!
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Lost in the Everglades

During December 2015 I got the chance to escape the cold, depressing winter weather of Switzerland and spent two weeks in the Sunshine State better known as Florida.
Since it was a family vacation I couldn’t completely focus on fishing but I took every chance to wet a line.
We stood in a house in Cape Coral with direct access to the canal system, close to the sea. Sure there would be nice saltwater fishing with the right tackle but I wanted to catch some largemouth bass!
Long before this trip I contacted Anthony Hunt aka 5oz for a guiding on Lake Okeechobee. I learned about him over the internet and thought he might be cool to fish with. So a few days after my arrival in Florida we fixed a date and I already started dreaming of all the big, fat bass I would catch on this day.
Since nobody in my family, except me, is really crazy about fishing I had to organize myself a car and hotel to realize this trip. Full of hope to catch some giants I didn’t care too much about all the extra costs (which btw. minimized my sneaker budget drastically) for this adventure. I found myself at 3am on the freeway towards Miami. The evening before Anthony recommended to change the location from Okeechobee to a canal system in the Everglades. So I was driving on the freeway, supposed to meet my guide at a boat ramp of one the recreations spots along the street.
That’s where this adventure started to get frustrating for the first time because I couldn’t find our meeting point. the GPS whch came with my rental, for an extra charge of course, suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere, telling me that I reached my destination. Said recreation area wasn’t in sight at all. The friendly guy at the next gas station couldn’t help me neither so I kept driving up and down with the hope to stumble across Anthony by chance. I didn’t have his number to contact him and a bassboat wasn’t in sight neither. After over an hour of meaningless driving I remembered the only option I had left, activate data roaming on my smartphone to text my guide on facebook and also to find our meeting point with the help of google maps. Thanks to my swiss phone contract, this were a few minutes of very prices internet fun but it was the only shot I had to finally get some bass!
Fortunately, Anthony was still around the ramp where we were supposed to meet about 1.5 hours ago. Finally on the water, we didn’t lose any more time and started throwing big weightless worms into the heavy cover. Soon I got the first bites and brought a few smaller bass into the boat. I even caught a pike, something I didn’t expect at all in Florida.


The vast vegetation gave me the opportunity to try out a technique I had only seen in videos before, Punching. With Anthony’s instructions I quickly learned the basics and even missed a few bites at least. The reason I wanted to fish with a guide was to expand my bassfishing knowledge and with mr. 5oz I found a guy that definitely taught me a few things which help me to understand the bass a little more.


The bass themselves didn’t seem to want me learning, despite two times changing the canal we couldn’t find the right way to convince a big mama or her little sister, cousin whatever to inhale our lures… With a 2 pounder I caught the biggest fish of the day, not really what I was looking for but still better than nothing. Again I remembered why we call it fishing and not catching. Some days the bass just don’t want to play…


Tired and a little disappointed of this strange day I had to find my hotel and something to eat. The holiday traffic combined with an exhausted me made this simple task another tiring adventure. Finally arrived at the hotel, a dilapidated complex with strange people walking around, the bed had a magical attraction to me. The next day I visited the closest BassPro to get me some Highrollers for my next trip to the amazon before I drove back to my family. Gone was my big chance to catch a trophy bass and the whole experience wasn’t really a piece of cake. On the other hand I still learned something, got to fish on a bassboat and all that under the sun while it was freezing cold back home. Truly not the result I was hoping for, I’d rather show you some nice fishpics instead of writing all the things that went wrong, but I guess it was just not meant to be this time. Thanks to Anthony Hunt for an interesting day on the water and the amazing sub :) Hit him up if you want to experience some bassfishing in Florida, I’m sure he can organize something cool for you. http://anthonyhuntfishing.com

Following a few impressions of the fishing in our backyard, from time to time I got some action on small jigs or topwater. After I caught the first puffer fish my father, brother and his homie joined me with some frozen bait and got a few contacts as well. Good times!





DSC_0591 DSC_0598

Guess who had the pleasure to unhook all their catches…



Last but not least a HUGE THANKS to my parents for making this vacation happen and all the unforgettable moments we had together!


Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Stay tuned for more, the next adventure is already waiting! PEACE!

Back to the jungle!

Since the trip to Spain back in february I wasn’t fishing at all. Swiss winters are cold, gloomy and make me kinda unmotivated to do anything at all. So this upcoming Amazon trip with my buddy Daniel, our second adventure like this, came just in the right time to heal my wintertime sadness.

We knew that the chosen date wasn’t perfect, on the beginning of march the peacock season is almost over, the rain season is coming and the jungle will be flooded soon. The main reason we booked this trip was to not lose our money we already paid, back in september for our first peacock week in november 2014. But then our organisator cancelled our expedition one week before departure. With luck we were able to get two spaces in another camp on the same date. But the first organisator didn’t want to refund our money, we could only book another trip. It turned out that the only available trip in the near future was the one we went on, so our options were kind of limited.

But enough of these unimportant background details. This is a fishing report and no explanation why and how I got all the way from Switzerland to the Brazilian Amazon twice in just a few months.

On march 5 around lunchtime we arrived at the airport in Manaus, after tackle shopping and good food we were definitely ready for some serious peacock bass fishing! The next day we made our way to a local airport from where we flew to Barcelos. The houseboat there was ready to go and so were we! We soon realized that the peacock season was almost over, we were the last group on our boat. The rest of the over 60 boats starting from Barcelos already prepared for the coming winter season.

The water levels still seemed ok so we set off with heightened anticipation. But the first few days turned out more than meager. Apart a 15lb peacock for Daniel, he and myself didn’t get much fish. A few smaller ones and other species but the peacocks didn’t seem in the right mood to feed. Often the fish tried more to chase our lures out their territory instead of really eating it. Sometimes we casted for hours without any bite or other action.


rare view – Daniel fighting a big fish, our guide is ready to land


nice first fish


we mostly caught smaller Borbolettas (Butterfly Peacocks)


spots for days but no fish…




dead trees


We gave our best and fished all day long, even when our guide had to take a sh*t we didn’t stop throwing lures.


amazing view


I paid attention to leave nothing but footprints behind us…

What can you do if the fish don’t bite? Right, post a picture of the sunset instead^^


…one more? Why not!



By the way, that was our cool houseboat, the “Tayacu”.


We tried new spots, day after day…


…still no fish, sorry!


If there’s a will, there will be a way!


Fish on but wrong species…


…with nasty teeth.


empty peacock nests


…and another Traira.


Rainbow in the sky



new spots, no fish…

…so how about some more nature?



The other two groups also couldn’t really find a way to impress our fishy friends. So the frustration grew and finally the crew decided to change direction and drive down to the Rio Negro.


impressive size of the river…

Down there, the water level also started to rise and the fishing stayed hard. We couldn’t really improve the quantity of catches, best day brought us both together 15 peacocks. At least we found some big fish too and so in the end it came it not too bad for us two, still we excepted more. “But that’s why you call it fishing and not catching”, a saying I heard multiple times during this week. In the end I broke my old personal best peacock of 9.5lb four times! Daniel caught some nice ones as well, with his biggest 2lb heavier than my new PB.


Finally! My first good fish of the trip with 13lb.


We discovered cool new lakes…




We always had a great and funny lunchtime^^ Otherwise we usually had a blast while fishing even though the fish didn’t want to bite. Our guide tried his best to bring us to some big fish and kept up the positive vibes.


My 14 pounder!


…safely released.


pretty Paca on the chopper.


Arawana for surprise


11 pounder that fought like there would be no tomorrow, we all excepted a bigger fish but hey, I take that too!


Our amount of tackle, yes we only brought what’s really necessary.^^ We still had more stuff than the other 4 anglers together…


…and that’s a tree, right! I haven’t posted a nature pic in while, or did I?

The last day I went out alone with our guide because another client on the boat was so pissed about the modest outcome and the communication difficulties with his guide and our host, so we offered that Daniel goes fishing with him and helps communicating with the guide.

It turned out to be the “worst” day for me, looking at the fishing. I caught a total of two peacocks and one Cara. Still, thanks to the guide, I had a great day full of jokes and laughter. Despite my missing portuguese skills, I just used some simple words I picked up during the week and we were laughing all day long.


at least one of the two was good sized.


first time I saw and caught a Cara.


Out of nothing the guide landed this pretty fish on my High Roller.


the non-fishing highlight of the day was this cool monkey we could observe for some minutes before it disappeared back into the jungle.


And then we found ourself back in Barcelos, the trip was over and the following two days were spent traveling back to Switzerland. We didn’t catch lots of fish but we caught some really nice ones. I personally had to admit that I rather catch a few good sized fish than a lot of small Borbolettas. Sure, I wouldn’t have been mad if we caught some more but in the end I am happy with the result of this week. Just to be in the Amazon and to see all these amazing plants and animals is an honor to me and I’m really thankful for that. I hope to will be able to fish the amazon in the coming season as well. A few things are already in planning, so stay tuned!

Oh, hold on! I almost forgot my new personal best Tucunaré…


15 amazing pounds! Caught on a Jig from Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs, like all other big ones I caught this week. Great jigs with strong hooks, I haven’t found any better ones till now! Also friendly and courteous customer service! Check them out! http://www.ultimatepeacockbassjigs.com

That is my report about another great week of peacock bass fishing in the amazon, may more trips like this happen!

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Stay tuned for more! PEACE!


Spanish island bass

My last catch of a largemouth bass was long ago, too long so I decided to join some fishing friends on their fishing trip to one of the Canary Islands.
The group consisted of six motivated fishermen, all with the main target of catching big bass. Some of them had been on this island before so we had all informations needed to start.
There are several possible bass reservoirs in the mountains of the island. The waterlevel can change dramatically during the year so the conditions of the lakes change. The tricky part is to find out which reservoirs actually have hungry bass inside. Based on the knowledge of my friends last trips here we started our bass chase a few hours after our arrival on the island.






Not every destination turned out as planned. Some reservoirs seemed overfished or, even worse, were dried out…


To get to these reservoirs we usually had to hike and climb some distance because they were surrounded of nature and away from streets or highways. With all the tackle, inflatable boats and other stuff it was hard work just to get to the water.




Every water meant a new challenge finding and catching fish. I changed my tactic constantly and tried several types of lures till I found something that worked or we decided to leave the spot.
On the first day I caught a nice bass on a Gan Craft Spinnerbait…


The following day I managed to hook on the Deps Bullshooter Jr. May more swimbait fish follow soon!


I caught fish on every single day but mostly smaller ones, not worth mentioning or taking a picture.


One of the bigger fish for this particular lake with a large but young population of smaller bass.


short but beautiful!

Saturday morning was my time with two good sized bass in less than half an hour.
Some of our group decided to stay in bed and come after later. While they were enjoying the hotel bed I tricked these two beauties.





iRod and Steez did a great job!

It was an awesome week with cool, crazy people and I’m happy that I could be part of it!
The island has some nice places, good food and beautiful nature in my opinion…







some more lake impressions…





Again, I’m thankful for being a part of this crazy group and hope we will again be somewhere on the bass hunt again together!
It felt great to be back to bassfishing, I really missed it and hope the next session to be as soon as possible. But first I will travel back to the brazilian amazon in a few weeks for another week of peacock bass action! so stay ready for more!

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Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed it! – PEACE


adventure amazon – part 2


nothing beats waking up to this sight – beautiful!

after a first day of practice, our 6 days trip started early in the morning and after a rich breakfest we were already in the boat.


With a raising water level the fish stayed deep in the cover and the bite was low at times. despite these uneasy conditios we surely had a great time. through the week I learned a lot about the amazing peacock fishery. we fought heavy jungle, survived scary thunder storms, almost stepped on stingrays and got grilled by the hot sun. but never stopped we laughing, about ramdom nonsense or the latest catch.


every day was a completely new adventure and fishing, unknown spots were explored and working techniques had to get figuered out. after some time we started recognizing certain key spots and several lures that seemed to work.



paca on a Gan Craft DEAD SLOW…


…and another one on a brazilian lure, Borboleta Woodstock.

Every new cognition brought us closer to the big fish, for which we came down here, or at least we thought so… Anyway, on the third day, early in the morning we were fishing a spot we discovered the evening before. Already a few fishes caught I get a hard bite on my subsurface lure. The fish swam directly out into the river, so powerful that it dragged our whole boat around, I never before fought such a powerful fish and just wanted to net that beast. Unexperienced as I was I forced the fish to much but this monster didn’t allow any failure, so it took the chance and got rid off the hooks in its mouth. DAMN! Later on our guide told me that he valued the fish around 18lb – holy crap!

The only way to recover from this shock was to continue fishing of course. A few casts later something hit my lure again but this time I won the battle! The fish fought hard and it wasn’t easy to keep it out of the trees underwater till it finally landed in the net.


9lb – my biggest peacock till that moment! Unfortunately I have to add that this fish was eaten by a dolphin that appeared out of nowhere from under the boat, just a few moments after I released it.

Not even half an hour later our guide untangled another fat tucunaré out of a sunken tree for me.


Each day was different and held new surprises but one thing stood the same: the stunning sunset just in time for the return to the camp…


… a beautiful view on the moon in the evening…


…and a motivating sunrise for breakfest.


The same lovely scenario every day and yet unique. Same with the fish I caught, every catch another beauty but different.









Following some more fish pictures – no words needed, enjoy!








Peacocks were not the only thing we were fighting with.


I never experienced rain this heavy before!



the camera had its troubles too…


I guess this place isn’t called “rainforest” for no reason…


Getting to the spots wasn’t always easy, some creeks were so shallow we had to push the boat through.



first swiss to stand at exactly this point? ^^


Paying attention became even more important when out of the boat regarding all the possibilities to step on. Spiny palm barks…


or these pretty rays with a sting “worse than any other pain”, how our guide told us.

DSC_0032 2

palms covered in spikes…

Despite the fact that we almost got hit by lightning and some thorns in the feet we survived and returned every evening exhausted but happy to our camp.



The delicious food gave us energy for the coming day…


…and these fine cookies provided us enough sugar. Best cookies I’ve eaten!

The lunchbreak we enjoyed on the boat, the small fish at the shore seemed to share our taste.

Strengthened from the food, the fishing continued…





9lb on a High Roller – I never would have thought that fishing choppers can be so exhausting. The first time I tried to fool a peacock on the Chopper, ripped through the surface, my arm became sore within an hour and I had to change to something lighter. Nevertheless, from the moment of the first topwater hit of a peacock I tried harder and longer every new day. In the end I caught a few decent fish on these giant ripbaits, lost even more and survived a few heartattack-like shocks caused by fish blowing up but missing the lure. A great fishery but highly addictive!


So close to the double digit – 9.5lb on a High Roller


Respect the fish and release them safely!


This week in the jungle just flew by and way too soon it was already time to say goodbye again… Even though I was sad to leave, I was happy that I did this amazing trip and thankful for all the great experiences we went through during these seven unforgettable days. I appreciate the situation that allows me to do such a trip in my young age and that we both returned healthy. A big thanks also to our guide who did his best to get us on some fish, to the host of our camp who is a really good person and worked hard all week long to make our trip even better, to the whole camp crew that served always great food and maintained our cabin perfectly, to my friend Daniel who organized most of this trip for me and always ensured great entertainment ^^ and to all others that are in some way responsible that my first trip to brazil and the amazon was a complete success! Obrigado!

Summarized, peacock fishing is awesome, I’m addicted and hope to get back there as soon as possible!







Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!
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adventure amazon – part 1

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last post here. Not that I wasn’t fishing but as the word says, I was fishing and not catching… So in early fall, after a fishless day somewhere in italy, a fishing buddy of mine showed me an offer to fish for Peacock Bass. First of course I was enthusiastic, this sounded way better than any fishery we have here around. Then I started thinking about all the costs and requirements necessary for such a trip. I briefly decided that I can’t go and comforted my with the thought that I will catch up on this experience later. On the drive back home I couldn’t forget the opportunity I just gave away. So after discussing with my buddy and parents I took the chance, called my friend and booked my first trip to the amazon. With only a few weeks till the departure and a limited budget I started my preparation.


On the end of october my friend Daniel and I finally headed out to the airport in Milan from where we flew via Sao Paolo to Manaus. After some local tackle shopping and a night in the hotel “Tropical” we were brought to a local airport early in the morning.


crew is ready

Shortly after leaving Manaus we were flying directly above the rainforest. What I used to watch in the television or books I saw now for the first time for real, what an impressing experience! From there I knew it was worth doing this trip. Even if several sources warned us of the poor conditions, waterlevels were still rising, and the possibility that we won’t catch a single fish I knew that we would have a great time.


A hard landing later we were already gliding over the water towards our camp where our host and the whole staff warmly welcomed us.


lots of comfort deep in the amazon.

Our tackle was prepared in record time but with a little accident. My newly bought YAD Cleveland Jerkrod already broke with the first test cast. Fortunately our camphost lent me without hesitating one of his rods and so our boat was ready to catch some fish. Another quick boat ride and I found myself within the amazing rainforest casting lures. An hour passed without getting one single bait, I couldn’t believe that I was fishing the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen and no hungry fish seemed to be around. Nevertheless I continued making cast after cast till something hit my jig hard. I set the hook and immediately felt the impressing power of my first peacock bass ever! The fish turned out way smaller than I excepted due the hard fight but I was one lucky man!


From this moment on I was totally hooked! Since I first saw the movie of Imakatsu boss, Imae, fishing the amazon  I knew I had to experience this too.


second fish for me!



Daniel and me ended up with around 20 fish caught during this hot, first day in this green paradise. Our host looked concerned as we returned with such a result,  blaming the bad water level. For me there was no reason to be sad, used to fishing all day long without catching anything, I explained him that I’m completely happy anyway.


My first dinner in the amazon turned out to be delicious and observing the raising moon before going to bed was better than any TV program.


Tired but full of excitement for the coming days I was lying on my bed and a short tackle talk later I was gone into the land of dreams…

too be continued soon!

short comeback!

As I wrote in my last post I lately spent two weeks back in Cali. Of course I wanted to go fishing as much as possible but you might know yourself that it’s not always that easy when traveling with other people who aren’t interested in fishing.

So the first week I wasn’t able to fish at all. We passed some good looking waters but I couldn’t bring my buddy to stop for a few casts. So the second week which we spent on campus and not always driving around I finally got some time for fishing.

Unfortunately my friend I was fishing with last year moved to Oregon and another was on vacation during the time I was in San Diego. Because our car was just rented on my friends name I wasn’ really able to visit lakes far away from campus. I wanted to see Hodges but exactly on Wednesday, when the lake is open, I already made plans. So the easiest option was Lake Miramar which I then fished a few times. If you know Miramar you also know about the difficult shore fishing due the heavy vegetation. Fortunately they took up the boat rental again so one morning I rented one of their boats for a couple hours before I had to be back on campus.

This day I started fishing as I learned last year. Weightless worms, drop-shot and even a smaller swimbait. I fished a few hours without any action. A little disappointed I made my way back to the dock to return my boat. I decided to make a last stop and casted my rig toward the shore. All of a sudden I felt something slightly hitting my bait. I set the hook and a few moments later i landed my first bass since a way too long time. Mission complete!


Even it’s not that big I was happy again and felt pure joy! Thank u Miramar!

Despite further attempts this should be my only bass for these two weeks.


I already miss bass fishing again and hope I will be able to fish for these cool guys again soon!

thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!