adventure amazon – part 1

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last post here. Not that I wasn’t fishing but as the word says, I was fishing and not catching… So in early fall, after a fishless day somewhere in italy, a fishing buddy of mine showed me an offer to fish for Peacock Bass. First of course I was enthusiastic, this sounded way better than any fishery we have here around. Then I started thinking about all the costs and requirements necessary for such a trip. I briefly decided that I can’t go and comforted my with the thought that I will catch up on this experience later. On the drive back home I couldn’t forget the opportunity I just gave away. So after discussing with my buddy and parents I took the chance, called my friend and booked my first trip to the amazon. With only a few weeks till the departure and a limited budget I started my preparation.


On the end of october my friend Daniel and I finally headed out to the airport in Milan from where we flew via Sao Paolo to Manaus. After some local tackle shopping and a night in the hotel “Tropical” we were brought to a local airport early in the morning.


crew is ready

Shortly after leaving Manaus we were flying directly above the rainforest. What I used to watch in the television or books I saw now for the first time for real, what an impressing experience! From there I knew it was worth doing this trip. Even if several sources warned us of the poor conditions, waterlevels were still rising, and the possibility that we won’t catch a single fish I knew that we would have a great time.


A hard landing later we were already gliding over the water towards our camp where our host and the whole staff warmly welcomed us.


lots of comfort deep in the amazon.

Our tackle was prepared in record time but with a little accident. My newly bought YAD Cleveland Jerkrod already broke with the first test cast. Fortunately our camphost lent me without hesitating one of his rods and so our boat was ready to catch some fish. Another quick boat ride and I found myself within the amazing rainforest casting lures. An hour passed without getting one single bait, I couldn’t believe that I was fishing the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen and no hungry fish seemed to be around. Nevertheless I continued making cast after cast till something hit my jig hard. I set the hook and immediately felt the impressing power of my first peacock bass ever! The fish turned out way smaller than I excepted due the hard fight but I was one lucky man!


From this moment on I was totally hooked! Since I first saw the movie of Imakatsu boss, Imae, fishing the amazon  I knew I had to experience this too.


second fish for me!



Daniel and me ended up with around 20 fish caught during this hot, first day in this green paradise. Our host looked concerned as we returned with such a result,  blaming the bad water level. For me there was no reason to be sad, used to fishing all day long without catching anything, I explained him that I’m completely happy anyway.


My first dinner in the amazon turned out to be delicious and observing the raising moon before going to bed was better than any TV program.


Tired but full of excitement for the coming days I was lying on my bed and a short tackle talk later I was gone into the land of dreams…

too be continued soon!


short comeback!

As I wrote in my last post I lately spent two weeks back in Cali. Of course I wanted to go fishing as much as possible but you might know yourself that it’s not always that easy when traveling with other people who aren’t interested in fishing.

So the first week I wasn’t able to fish at all. We passed some good looking waters but I couldn’t bring my buddy to stop for a few casts. So the second week which we spent on campus and not always driving around I finally got some time for fishing.

Unfortunately my friend I was fishing with last year moved to Oregon and another was on vacation during the time I was in San Diego. Because our car was just rented on my friends name I wasn’ really able to visit lakes far away from campus. I wanted to see Hodges but exactly on Wednesday, when the lake is open, I already made plans. So the easiest option was Lake Miramar which I then fished a few times. If you know Miramar you also know about the difficult shore fishing due the heavy vegetation. Fortunately they took up the boat rental again so one morning I rented one of their boats for a couple hours before I had to be back on campus.

This day I started fishing as I learned last year. Weightless worms, drop-shot and even a smaller swimbait. I fished a few hours without any action. A little disappointed I made my way back to the dock to return my boat. I decided to make a last stop and casted my rig toward the shore. All of a sudden I felt something slightly hitting my bait. I set the hook and a few moments later i landed my first bass since a way too long time. Mission complete!


Even it’s not that big I was happy again and felt pure joy! Thank u Miramar!

Despite further attempts this should be my only bass for these two weeks.


I already miss bass fishing again and hope I will be able to fish for these cool guys again soon!

thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!


two weeks back “home”

November 2013 I returned back to Switzerland from 11 month in my californian paradise. Since the first day back I’m missin these times there, the people, the campus, the fishing, the freedom and all the experiences I made there. From time to time I felt really bad and just wanted to go back so bad. Of course that wasn’t possible at the moment, I had to work and got back to a normal, kinda boring life. The winter here was cold and dark what didn’t make it easier for me to accept being back. Actually the summer arrived even in Switzerland what makes it more comfortable for me to find back to a life in switzerland.

But I still miss my californian dream and think back every single day…

So since I’m back at work and make my own money I decided it’s time to take a break after six months of work. I had to go back to San Diego, that was clear! Finally, one morning around the end of may I found myself at the airport in Zurich and shortly after I was up in the sky direction California. Arriving at the airport in SD I felt like coming home. I just felt happy to be there!

There I met some good friends I know from last year who picked me up at the airport and an hour later we were already doing BBQ. The next days I spent with Marco, a swiss guy who just finished his academic year, like I did last year. After a quick visit on campus and in the EF school we started our trip driving directly up to San Francisco. There we stayed two days before driving down along the west coast on Highway Nr. 1, my favorite route so far.




Every day we drove a few hours down, always on the look for the next outlet mall. Marco just couldn’t get enough of the shopping there. Day for day we were enjoying the beauty of the west coast and looking for something new to wear. We ended up staying in San Francisco – Monterey – Santa Barbara – Long Beach and some shopping malls on the route.














Due to some exams Marco had to be back in San Diego the second week. After some negotiating we were even allowed to stay on campus for the rest of the week. Best thing that could happen to me! Even if the campus accommodation isn’t the best I really missed to live there. To stay there another week made this vacation even better. I spent the week meeting old friends, relaxing and enjoying the campus life. Of course I was fishing too, more about how this went in the next post.



After two intensive weeks it was already time for me to leave again. At least Marco had to go back too and so we both hadn’t to fly alone.

I just can say that I enjoyed California once again and surely it won’t be the last time I was there. It has to be the positive californian vibes that caught me and now won’t let me go again. I felt happy through these two weeks and appreciate every single day I spent there. A big thanks to all my friends that were still there and made so much for me. I also gotta thank EF for letting me stay on campus! The biggest thanks goes out to my parents that have to endure my bad moods just because I miss California and still support me!

California Love!

More pictures of this trip can you find on my facebook or flickr page. The links you find on top.

Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!

Video: San Diego River Bass 2013

just found some videos from last years fishing at san diego river.

Exactly one year ago this day, I arrived in San Diego. A wonderful adventure began…

I really miss the times there and wish I could go back as soon as possible.

I hope you like this video. Happy New Year everybody!

Thanks for watching!


LA tour addresses

People asked me multiple times where I took all the pictures from Los Angeles.

To count out every single location is impossible but I can give you the addresses I used to put in my GPS.

Like this it might be helpful for people like me that can’t find the closest supermarket without even after half a year living at the same place. :P

Here the addresses which I used…

Hollywood Sign: 3204 Canyon Lake Dr., Hollywood

Walk of Fame: 7018 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Famous Sunset Boulevard: Sunset Blvd & Crescent Heights, Los Angeles

Diamond Supply Co. Store (there are several other street brands in this street like OF, Pink Dolphin or Dope): 451 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles

Amoeba (largest used CD and other stuff shop): 6400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Venice Beach: 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice

These information should be enough for your GPS to bring you to each destination.

Have fun and enjoy California!


thank you California!

time to say goodbye…

after over 10 months in beautiful California I had to say definitely goodbye this monday. A really strange feeling for me to leave what I called my home for almost a whole year and where I felt happy every single day just for being there.

Monday early in the morning I flew from San Diego to Philadelphia where the plan was to change the plane and continue directly to Zurich, Switzerland. But US Airways, my plane company for this trip, delayed the flight to times for about an hour before they cancelled the flight completely. After I made my way through a group of upset and confused swiss travelers the guys at the information finally rebooked my flight over London to Zurich. So I waited again over two hours for the plane to London but after waiting another hour IN the plane everybody had to go out again because the staff was not able to close one of the plane’s doors. This costed another two hours waiting in front of the gate till they reloaded the new plane. Because it was already after 11pm no more shops were open to buy any food or drinks but US Airways didn’t help us with this in any way. We all waited for such a long time without any offers from US Airways such as a bottle of water or some snacks. Great service! Somewhen after midnight the flight to London finally took off and after a short and hectic stay at Heathrow I was already flying to Zurich. There I landed Tuesday evening instead in the morning as planned. Thanks again US Airways.

I was shocked by the cold weather here in switzerland after almost 11 months sunshine. I really miss the sun and the warmth and the whole californian feeling soo bad. It is kind of hard for me to come back to the normal life but I will try my best to do something good. I want to work to make some money and then travel again to visit the friends I made all over the world.

I can say I had the time of my life and that I learned a lot, not just english but a lot of lessons for life. I met beautiful (on the inside and/or outside) people which who I spent awesome moments for which I am more than thankful!

A gigantic Thank You to all these people and to California itself for being such a nice and beautiful place!

The following pictures reflect some moments from the past months…


first time at the beach


visit the Grand Canyon, first and only time I saw snow


my first californian BASS!


Barret Reservoir Opening


first time in Mexico


first time at Venice Beach <3 one love <3


one week roadtrip with good people! thank you guys!


introducing friends to fishing


Wiz Khalifa Concert


finally a bigger BASS!


from time to time I had to say goodbye to nice people :(


3 weeks in Hawaii


my new friend :)



DSC_0052 2

just in time! double digit bass and new PB!

…and then was already time to say goodbye :(

Thanks again to everybody that was with me on this trip! Memories for life…

A big thanks also to all my readers of this blog here! I will do my best to keep this blog alive till my next bigger adventure. I will try to present some swiss fish, which I have to catch first :P, and other stories about my life here!

Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!

mr. bassthumb

californian bass dream!

Since this is my second last week before my flight back to switzerland I’m still trying to catch some good fish.

Yesterday, Thursday, I drove up to Lake Morena, the lake where I caught my biggest bass so far. After arriving early in the morning I started fishing my favorite spot which have brought me some good fish in the past. This time it looked like empty so I moved on along the shore. After a few hours without any contact on several lures as Spinnerbaits, Cranks, T-rigs and others I returned to my car, changed poles and continued fishing.

I have to add that Morena’s actual water level is much lower than during my last trips there, a lot of cover is outside the water which doesn’t make fishing easier. Also the rangers told me several times that bass fishing is low actually.

I started throwing a Jig in the hope find a fish somewhere deep in the cover. As i already thought about changing my lure I felt something a really fine hit. I didn’t really except a bite but I did a hookset as usual. Immediately I felt resistance and took up pulling line, a moment later a huge basshead broke the surface, just to disappear again in the shallow water. My first and only thought was: “10 pounds!!!” The fish tried to hide in deeper water or some cover but I was able to hold it back and a few moments later I could grab this monster fish on its lip. “No fckin way, I must be dreaming” but I wasn’t and so i found myself somewhere in the middle of nowhere with my biggest bass ever in the hand.

DSC_0015 2

As you can see on my face this Mama was way heavier than any bass I’ve caught before. Unfortunately there was nobody around to take some pictures and I didn’t want to stress the beauty too much so I took some pictures by myself and let her go after the quick shooting. Good thing was that I have a fisheye-lense on my camera which helped to bring the whole fish on picture.



The moment she swam away from my hand, back into deeper water I felt honored to be able catching a fish like this. My hands were shaking for the next hour and my feelings were indescribable. Happiness all over! Thank you Bassgod, thank you Lake Morena, thank you California!



The rest of the day I didn’t get anymore bites or other fish contacts but I didn’t even care…





The night I spent in a cabine on the camping there so I could start today from the opening on. Around noon I had to go back to school without any fish contact again. But instead of worrying about this I was still smiling from last days catch.

Now I’m hoping even more to get some more time on/at the californian waters in the coming week!

thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!