thank you Hawaii!

Since last saturday I am back in San Diego for my last three weeks of this stay in he USA. I moved back earlier than planned but to me Honolulu was too boring and too touristic. The beautiful, natural places are far away and without car hard to reach. I am really happy to be back in California, when I arrived at the airport in San Diego I had kind of a homecoming feeling. Now I hope to catch some big bass before I have to return to switzerland.

Before I would like to share a beautiful experience I had during my last day in Hawaii.

I booked again a trip to North Shore with my school on friday. First we stopped at a Shrimp Corner to have lunch, continued to a nice beach for swimming and relaxing and ended up at Turtle Beach. The last time I was there I was kinda disappointed due the lack of turtles. But this friday our group was luckier and there was one of theses beautiful animals chilling at the beach. I was really happy to see this, the perfect end of my three weeks in Hawaii.



Thank you Hawaii, Hello California!

thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!